Best Word #1: Male Entitlement

Recently I read a great term in a very good article in the New York Times about AIDS in Africa: "male entitlement to sex":

"No one really knows why. South Africa has astronomical rates of sexual violence — more than a quarter of the time, a young woman’s first sexual experience is coerced — and a strong culture of male entitlement to sex, but so do many other countries." (Tina Rosenberg, "When a Pill Is Not Enough", August 6, 2006)

It's surely been around a while, but I haven't really noticed it until now. I wonder what other kinds of entitlement there might be? Male entitlement to the good spot on the couch? Female entitlement to male money? Male entitlement to guilt? Female entitlement to being right in any argument?

I seriously like the term. People make fun of modern psychobabble words and politically correct vocabulary, but sometimes words pop up that fill a gap. "Entitlement" seems to me to be a counterpart of "empowerment" – both terms describe an attitude that we've always known is there, but never really got around to naming.


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