Faust #1


Being the tale of the infamous sorcerer, including the specific and detailed description of his whole life and death, and how he made a pact with the Devil, and all his sins, magics, sorceries, conjurings, blasphemies, seductions, orgies, rapes, robberies, murders and the very blackness of his soul, yea, and how he thereafter went to his terrible and much-deserved reward.


Of the Satanist's Blameless Parents and Misspent Education

The ignoble and iniquitous Doktor Faustus was born, innocent and sinless, to righteous, goodly Christian parents in Roda near Weimar. They were peasants both, but had kin in Wittemberg, which would soon be blessed by God to become the place where the inspired monk Martin Luther, God's instrument, would nail to the door of the Castle Church 95 Theses against the apostate and decadent Catholic Church – a city whose name the Devil is only too eager to besmirch. One of these kin in this blessed city, an uncle, was a merchant of good standing, influence and wealth. Hoping to give their son opportunities they did not have, and hoping he would take to the world of commerce and influence, they gave their boy into the care and keeping of his uncle, who quickly came to love the child and rear him as his own, being himself without progeny. Grateful to the Lord for his adopted offspring and mindful of the parents' wishes that the boy should grow to please God, the uncle adopted this Faustus, made him his heir and sent him to university in Heidelberg to study theology. How could he ever have guessed how far Faustus would stray from this godly purpose?

There are those who would blame Faust's parents, but to do that is only to sin against one's fellow man. Neither his parents nor his patrons should be blamed for the later turn of Faust's life, for they were pious parents who desired only the best for him. It has become a most regretful fashion of the day to too quickly blame one's parents for one's own sins; this is a habit that reflects not on the father and mother, but on the sons and daughters, who seek to absolve themselves from responsibility for their own actions, but think, oh children, in the eyes of God you are adult as Adam and Eve were adults when cast out of the garden of Eden; the weary world into which you have been cast is a world of your own; the cursed ground on which you walk is cursed not only for the sake of your parents but also for your sake, and the thorns and thistles it brings forth are brought forth also for you; it is the devil, Lucifer himself, who desires for you to put blame on those who cannot walk that ground for you, so that you will walk it without recognizing your own sins nor gaining forgiveness for them, and thus shalt thine own soul be cast down into hell. Therefore blame not your parents for the wasteland in which you walk, but blame your sinful self and repent, and learn to walk it with the dignity and grace that God hath lent unto you and which the Devil wishes only to conceal from you, saying, O Man, you have no dignity nor anything Godly within you, yours is only to complain and wail and blame instead others for your fate, therefore do not look inside thyself for the spark of the divine as you make your way from the Garden of Eden through the wilderness and back to heaven, but go without God, that I my wait to receive you before you reach the gates of Heaven and bring you instead unto mine own kingdom of doom!

But I digress.

The young Faust was perceptive and smart and a lover of books, study and knowledge. Thus his days in Heidelberg passed quickly and soon the rectors examined him for his Magister Degree, at which time he proved himself so superior to his fellow students in knowledge, exposition and discourse that he was immediately confirmed not only Magister, but also Doctor Theologiæ. Yet the praise of his professors was mistaken, for they had seen only the signs of his learning and ignored the signs of the progress of his soul, for his superiority in things of learning matched a dark deficiency in the things of humanity, for he was a stubborn, unreasonable and vain person who had no love for his fellow students, nor for anyone but himself. Instead of looking up to his fellow students and striving to learn from them and showing gratitude for a situation which allowed him to be in their presense, he scorned them and berated them, with words such as:

"You disgust me, you who have come from good homes of wealth and education, who have grown up with books and learning and with polite ways and who have always communed with other of your ilk, for you have never had to fight to get what you want, you have never had to overcome yourself to prove who and what you are, you have never had to raise yourself above your origins, as i have, and that is the hardest achievement in life, and you will never know it, but will remain weak and content and stupid, thinking all the while you are better than others but not knowing that you are the sheer essense of banality; I do not weep that you reject me and my ambitious ways, for to belong to your kind would be for me the greatest failure of all. Is the majesty of a king flattered by the presense of a dog from the streets? Neither am I flattered to drink with you, converse with you or walk with you, for to me who have strived to become more than I was born to be, you are like dogs of the street, content to remain what you are. I can not but despise you!"

In return, his fellow students referred to him only as "four-eyes."

Thus, seeking companionship and finding it not among his fellow theologians, he fell into the meanest and most despicable of company, among whom it was fashionable to lay the Holy Word behind the door and under the bench, and not to revere it but to live shamelessly and godlessly in gluttony and lust, as we shall indeed soon see in colorful detail.

It was in the back rooms, stinking alleys and smoky taverns of Heidelberg where Doktor Faust found true companionship among those of his own kind: The twisted, sick fellows who believe they are studying the world but in fact are in the throes of the devil, those who seek and learn the secrets of the dark languages of ancient time, Chaldean, Persian, Arabian and Greek words, figuris, characteribus, coniurationibus, incantationibus, and other forms of writing that summon demons and disrupt nature; here he learned the arts of dacryomancy, necromancy, cheiromancy, astrology, aeromancy, pyromancy, hydromancy, and whatever you care to call such conjurings and sorcery. Doktor Faust was pleased to discover such hidden and forbidden arts, for they made him feel superior to those who walk the righteous path, and he entered into the study of them with all his waking spirit night and day. Soon he discarded the title of Theologus and took instead a worldly title, calling himself Doctor Medicinæ, and also Astrologus and Mathematicus and other such worldly titles that know nothing of God and therefore serve little purpose on this earth. At first, still listening perhaps to the quiet voice of reason and goodness still within him, he applied his doctor's arts to help people, using medicaments, herbs, roots, waters, lotions, elixirs and physics to succor their ailments. But that was not enough to satisfy the hunger inside him to place himself above his fellow doctors and fellow man, yea, even above God. To do this he would must throw all that his parents, his uncle, his professors and all others gave to him to the wind, even unto throwing away his very soul, for which there can be no pardon on earth or in heaven.

To be continued...


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