Victim Envy

Red the Mad Canadian has gone back to Cologne now, where he will hang out with his fellow Mad Canadians in all those dark Mad Canadian bars and smoky Mad Canadian backrooms. But before he left we of course discussed cultural imperialism, a subject no good cocktail party can do without, and which in my opinion does not actually exist except in the minds of some whiny liberals and of course Mad Canadians.

The entire theory was embraced by European intellectuals who looked at their own imperial past – in which they were always the perps, never the victims – and discovered that victims get more sympathy than perpetrators. This is especially true in Germany, where people will do anything to disassociate themselves with their Nazi past (wouldn't you?):

"We want to be victims too! But how? Victims of poverty? Nah, no one will ever believe that. Victims of imperialism? Nah, we invented it, that's not going to hold for long. But wait! If only we could invent a form of victimization that is so abstract, theoretical and untestable that no one will ever be able question it. Something that seems to obvious, no one will ever think twice about it. I know: Cultural imperialism! At last! We can be victims too!"


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