Krakow Diary Day #2 (Monday Sep. 20)

Settling down to work. Always a difficult project. I have about a week to make a decision: What am I going to write? Novel or non-fiction? Or both?

The reason I have a week is because once again I am behind: I did not finish my two non-fiction book proposals before coming to Poland. That means my Beautiful German Frolein and I are finishing them up this week per e-mail and she will send them to our agent then.

So the question still stands: Novel or not?

Here's another novel rule:


It has to be sexy.

I remember having a discussion with a table full of Germans one day. The subject was: Why everything is political.

I was astonished how naïve they were. These were very intelligent, highly educated and extensively experienced people. But they thought everything came down to politics when clearly everything comes down to sex.

You can name anything and if you turn it around for five minutes you can find sex in it. Politics. Ever notice how sexy power is? Talk about Clinton having sex in the oval office? It was the least he could do to get it out of his system, poor guy. He must have been walking the White House with an erection 24 hours a day.

As a Mormon I was raised to think that sex in the arts is always unnecessary and therefore is close to pornography if included. Now I understand the truth:
Writing a novel without sex is a waste of time and sheer human energy.


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