Krakow Diary Day #3 (Tuesday Sep. 19)

The others have arrived.

There are nearly a dozen of us living in the guest house behind the Villa Decius for three months. I arrived late, as I was still in the US, and so I missed an excursion they made together over the weekend to the Ukraine. They returned Monday night, so I am beginning to meet them in the halls and in the kitchen.

Laryssa is a tall Ukrainian translator (Ukrainian/Polish). I don’t know what she translates because she doesn't speak much English. She is shy and you know what that means: I suspect she is hiding some kind of mystery. Alas, I will never know what it is. Unless I start learning Ukrainian.

Here's a photo of the funky East European sculpture in garden:


katja said…
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Anonymous said…
katja said...

Hi Eric, I want to know, if this sculpture is a funky east european sculpture because its a sculpture standing in Krakow? Or do you know something about the artist, who made it? Katja

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