The Nazis Are Back… And This Time It's Personal!

The big news in Germany is that the Neo-Nazis scored big in Sunday's regional elections and now have representatives in three regional parliaments (up to now it was two).

Everyone is upset, as they should be. They're even discussing doing something about it! That's how they upset they are.

Before spiraling into a panic and declaring an upcoming Fourth Reich, I looked up NPD, the Neo-Nazi party that was most successful, in Wikipedia and discovered that this has happened before. The NPD had enough voters in the 60s and 70s to get into regional parliaments. Then they went away again. The difference is: Back then they were popular in the West, not, like now, in the underpopulated and underemployed East, and back then they were not in three parliaments, but in a total of seven.

It's not like Germany hasn't been through this before. Maybe they should stop panicing and start asking themselves what it means.

What no one talks about is: If you were an under educated, unemployed and unemployable kid in one of these East German countysides without so much as a movie theater, no industry to speak of, no one intelligent or creative left in town because all the smart people left for job in some city in the west, and no hope for ever getting a woman because you're well, unemployed and unemployable… wouldn't you join the first Club of Idiots that comes around and offers you a little self-respect. Hell, I would. I'd join up, read all the Neo-Nazi literature (if I could read) and dedicate my life to the Club. What do people expect these people out there to do, suffer quietly while everyone else in Germany gets rich and fat? Forget it. The problem isn't these kids, it's the self-satisfied politicians in the West who don't give a damn about the little guy out there in some countryside-ghetto.

This is not a failure of the Volk, it's a failure of the government. Everyone is angry at the idiot Neo-Nazis in the Poor East – they're the only ones who are acting rationally here. How about getting mad at the idiots in the Rich West?


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