A Tale of a Girl and a Hat

The Youngest Cowgirl came over the other night in Berlin, just before I left for Krakow, to pick up her cowboy hat. Actually it is an Australian outback hat, but I picked it up in the best Western Wear shop in the West, Double H in Salem, Oregon, where I buy my cowboy boots. What do you think? Doesn't she look good? She rides too, but her mother swore that she would continue wearing a helmet, not a hat, when riding. Germans! If you've ever wondered why they have such a hard time being cool, it's not because they don’t have any ideas, it's because all their ideas are shanghaied by their all-powerful, deep-seated yearning for security. Imagine them in the Wild West: In their hands, it would have been the Reasonable and Safe West.

In fact, here's an illustration by My Beautiful German Frolein from my new book:


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