Big Night in New York!

Tonight's the night, folks!

Mimi le Duck, the new musical by my very own Big Sister Diana, is going onstage tonight in New York City just off broadway at the New World Stages. It's the story of a Mormon housewife (we ex-Mormons certainly are a traumatized lot, aren't we?) in Idaho who breaks out of her life, travels to Paris and wants to... do everything different. There, she meets Eatha Kitt (yes, Eartha Kitt really is in the show).

If you're in New York, run out and buy a ticket. Watch for reviews tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed tonight. Wish her luck. Visit her Mimi le Duck website (click here). Visit her Mimi le Duck blog (click here), which is updated to the last minute and will be the first source of new on how the premiere went.

Good luck, Diana! All you ex-Mormon (and still-Mormon) brothers and sisters are cheering for you.


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