Krakow Diary Day #27 (Saturday, Oct. 1): Who knew?

Well, I lost again. I put ten sloty on Bob Dylan winning the Nobel prize for Literature, and instead it went to some guy named Pahmuk. Who knew?

Last night we all got together – those of us remaining in the house – and decided that we would defy fate and do what true literary-minded souls would do in this situation, which is bet on who would win the Nobel Prize for Literature. We were all there except for one – the elusive, mysterious Laryssa. We discussed the ins and outs of the situation over a bottle of vodka. Then we all threw 10 sloty into the pot and wrote down our bets:

Mirek – (first Updike, then Androkovich, then…) DeLillo
Danuta – Roth
Ambrosi – Kapuszinsky
Kobus – Pynchon
Erica – Pahmuk
Eric – Dylan

But when I went down to the breakfast room this morning, only about an hour before the announcement, a new name had been added to the list:

Laryssa – Pahmuk.

The elusive, mysterious Laryssa had been watching us, somehow, all this time.

When Erica saw the new name, she realized that she would either have to split the pot with Laryssa or change her bet. So she changed hers:

Erica – Updike.

We're going to have to find out a little bit more about this Laryssa person.


Anonymous said…
Orhan Pamuk!

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