So Sorry

I always try to look at the positive side of things. I try to put a little distance between my fears and what I see. The Neo-Nazis make it into three regional parliaments in Germany and while everyone else sees visions of the Fourth Reich, I try to put a little perspective on it. And I can manage to keep it up with something like that. Hell, there's even a kind of humor in the situation.

Then some guy walks into an Amish school room, ties up a dozen teenage girls, puts them against the wall and starts shooting. These girls had probably known very little of evil in their lives – hell, they hadn’t hardly known anything of life. And they stood there and saw it coming. They knew what this guy was going to do as they stood there completely helpless.

What am I supposed to think about that? Is there some theological argument that sounds good even now? Is there something cynical I can say that will make it go away? If any society deserves to be called innocent in some way, it is surely the Amish. The arbitrariness of this suffering, this evil, is so extreme as to make it unbearable. So what am I supposed to say now?


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