Those Crazy People From ARD

When the prominent cultural TV show "Titel Thesen Temperamente" in ARD called and asked for an interview, I thought it would be just a boring sit-down thing. But when the film team arrived (Michael And Andreas from Filmstrom in Berlin and the Scottish writer/producer Michael McGlinn from Hamburg), it quickly became clear that we were going to have some fun.

They drove me around Berlin and had me ask silly questions of Germans on the street ("What is Bahlsenism?" and of course the classic, "Name a German hero whose name starts with "H"), try (unsuccessfully) to hand out German flags and other do silly things. It was great fun and a real pleasure. Who said Germans (not to mention Scots) don't have a sense of humor?

If you're in Germany and want to catch the show, it's on ARD Sunday (December 3) at around 10:45pm (22:45), depending on when Sabine Christiansen, who precedes it, is done (she tends to take her time, not knowing, perhaps, that her viewers are only waiting to see Eric T. Hansen goof off in front of the Brandenburg Gate).


Anonymous said…
yes, michael und andreas are very nice kolleges.
Regards from Filmstrom hajü

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