Neo-Nazi Joke

Christoph the Rock 'n' Roll Doctor left a comment on that last post (below):

"I think you´re wrong: Most of the articles I read about the film were not arguing about whether one should laugh about "the fuhrer" or not. On the contrary: The bad critics (Die Zeit, H. Martenstein, Tagesspiegel, etc.) all complained about the film being not really funny! The film makes you feel sorry about that old jerk but doesn´t leave you laughing your ass off. By the way: do you know any good Hitler jokes? Would be interesting..."

Unfortunately I don’t know any really good Hitler jokes (but if you haven’t already, check out "Walter Moers – ich hock in meinem Bonker" (

I do know a couple of good neo-Nazi jokes, though. Here's one of them (actually, I stole this from Robin Williams):

A Neo-Nazi walks into a bar with a frog on his shoulder.

The bartender says: "Where did you get that?"

The frog says: "In Brandenburg. They got 'em out there by the dozen."


Anonymous said…
i don't get that joke... :(
Anonymous said…
i don't get that joke... :(
Olivia said…
Cause the frog replies instead of nazi
Olivia said…
Because the frog replied to the bartender ..i think i am right..

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