Just out now - new word!

According to a NYT article, the word "sokojikara" was coined by the Japanese scholar and professor of international relations (I can find out very little about him on the Net) Fuji Kamiya and means “a reserve power that allows (a nation) to overcome both the inadequacies of its leaders and the foibles of its citizens.”

Does Japan have it? Yes. Does Germany have it? Yes. Does America have it? Yes.

I have to think of it because the Germans all around me tend to look at things very negatively. They don't know themselves how resilient and able they really are. Then there are moments when my own country America falls into despair, as now, in the crisis. But it's worth trying not to forget the strengths we have and may not always be aware of.

This is a word we should get used to - there is a strength within us that we often do not see ourselves, and blind to it we underestimate ourselves and lose faith in ourselves - a faith we in fact deserve.


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