Okay I have to say it, I can't stand it a minute longer.

The only thing worse than a president like Trump is the unbearable pretentious self-righteousness he brings out in every sad sack with a Facebook account.

We all knew he looked down on countries less privileged than America, he made all kinds of nasty comments about Mexico during the campaign - it's nothing new, yet we're all pretending to be shocked.

We all knew that presidents and other politicians out of sight of the cameras use profanity freely, they all do, it's documented. The difference is that the press usually doesn't report it if it is used behind closed doors, as it was in this case, but since the press hates Trump more than any president in history, of course they reported it and went on to make a huge thing of it and we are all following their lead, like we're meant to, and getting upset on cue like the little outrage-robots we are.

And am I the only one who has to say it? Yes, Haiti is a shithole of a country. Since it was founded by the French as a slave colony it has been mismanaged by corrupt and bloodthirsty leaders, often dictators, who made life there far worse than it ever had to be. The only time it gets in the news in the west is when there's an earthquake when hundreds of thousands of people die unnecessarily because buildings standards are so low and government officials are so corrupt that every second house it a death trap. We all know it - the people of Haiti deserve our pity and our aid exactly for the reason that they live for the most part in a hellhole - yet because Trump said it, everyone now tries to pretend that it's some kind of misunderstood maligned paradise. No one now saying how horrible and "racist" it is to talk like that about another country would consider living there for a minute. Where I come from, we call that hypocrisy.

And by the way, isn't it the job of the newspapers to report the actual news? I don't see much of that here.

Does anyone out there know exactly what Trump is doing to our immigration policy? Because he is changing it. But no one is talking about what is really being changed, because we are all too busy pretending to be such noble christlike figures who would never disparage another country (and i say this as an American in Germany, where my country is disparaged every day with no one complaining about that at all).

They say a people gets the leaders it deserves, well, the American public and the western world at large has become so unbearably, superficially self-righteous without actually achieving any kind of change or even engaging in any kind of intelligent dialogue that I'm beginning to think Trump really is the perfect president for our time.


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