What Germans Really Think About Themselves

All of a sudden, I understand why Germans are always discussing and searching for their "identity".

A friend of mine - Dom the Computer Whiz - asked for my new book, "Planet Germany," in a bookstore in Frankfurt the other day. The book is about German identity seen from an outsider's (American's) perspective and in it I basically claim that Germans don't see themselves as others see them.

The bookstore had my book. In fact, the bookseller said, the subject of German identity has become so popular recently, they they had set up a section devoted to the subject, with all the books they have on German identity.

And what were those other books that I shared the section with? They were not about Germany's culture, cars, economy, fast food or mentality - they were about Hitler, Nazis, the Holocaust and the Third Reich.

No wonder these Germans are desperately trying to redefine themselves. The poor guys secretly think worse of themselves than even the meanest German-hater does.


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