Spiegel Loves Me

The second best thing just happened to me that can happen to a writer in Germany: Henryk M. Broder, a star columnist with Germany's leading newsweekly, the all-powerful "Spiegel" wrote me up in their online edition.

And what a write-up! The guy loved the book. And this is a guy who doesn't love many books. He liked the way I made fun of Germans' fascination with their own souls, with their fear of being "McDonaldized," with their relationship to their state and to their fear of Neo-Nazis. He compared me with Michael Moore, Alfred Grosser, Woody Allen, Philip Roth and Bob Dylan. Why? I don’t know. He wrote, "Maybe the difference between a missionary and a journalist isn't as big as one might think. What they both have to have is good powers of observation and a talent for reducing complex stories to their core." He closed with: "Now that's an example for a realistic and future-oriented attitude of the kind that one doesn't find in Germany every day." (Read the entire article here.)

Only later did I find out that there is one honor even greater than a great review by Broder – a really, really bad one. Hell, I'll take what I can get.

Thank you, Mr. Broder. It was an honor.


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