Way to Go, Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn in Dresden sent this letter to two members of the NPD, the neo-Nazi party that holds seats in the regional government of Saxony (of which Dresden is the capitol):

NPD Fraktion in Saxony Diet
H. Apfel and A. Delle

Bernhard-von-Lindenau-Platz 1

01067 Dresden
Dresden, 18th October 2007
Re: Your room reservation in Holiday Inn Dresden

Dear Herr Apfel,

dear Herr Delle,

today we received your reservation for the 7th of November 2007 made via www.hotel.de and were surprised that you should have chosen to stay in an American hotel enterprise with a foreign-sounding name.

As you are not welcome in our house and because I cannot ask my employees to greet and serve you, we have asked www.hotel.de to cancel your reservation.

In the case that this not be possible for contractual reasons, I would like to point out to you that all proceeds taken in by our house through your custom will be donated immediately to the Dresden synagogue. Please view this as a modest compensation for the damages that your fellow ideologists did to the synagogue and to its members years ago.

A copy of this letter has been directed to the Dresden press.

In the hope that you find lodging more suitable and that we are spared your visit, we remain,

sincerely yours,

Johannes H. Lohmeyer


The original German text of the letter is available here: http://hpd-online.de/node/3033
This was brought to my attention by the funny, brilliant ad-copywriter Alexander Ardelean: www.ardelean.biz
If you want to congratulate Holiday Inn: info@holiday-inn-dresden.de


Anonymous said…
Dear Mr. Johannes H. Lohmeyer,

I have heard about your brave and wise letter to the members of the NPD who were trying to book rooms at your hotel.
Please accept my gratitude for making this planet a better place for mankind by your act.
May be, the right answers to the hate and racism can be start from people like you, who preferred their principles on short term revenues.

Let the force be with you.
Ofer Gepstein,
Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Anonymous said…
Mr. Johannes H. Lohmeyer.
You are a brave person with a strong preciples.

Please accept my gratitude and admirations.

Best regards,
Alex Shvartz
Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,

People with your courage and integrity make this planet a better place for us to live in.

If I ever visit Dresden, Germany, I will make sure to check-in in your hotel.

May G-d bless you and keep you safe.

Ginette Golden
Toronto, Ontario CANADA
Anonymous said…
Great thing, I think he has been in a tv Show just recently for that.

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