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A Blogger Goes To Wales

My good friend Dom is going to Wales for a few weeks and has promised to write a blog there for all the rest of us.

This is his blog: Wales and Means.

This is my advice to him on blog-writing:
Dear Blogging Brother: Here are my personal rules for blogging in and about a foreign country:1. What do I miss? (In Germany: Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Good Mexican food. Movies in English. A sense of humor. People saying hello to you on the street. Li Hing Mui.) 2. What do these people do that I see seldom at home? (In Germany: They're always shaking each other's hands. They're always complaining. They even compete with each other to complain. They are always wrapped up in discussion. They treat politics like a hobby.)3. What do these people think about, talk about and react to my people? (In Germany: Germans look at America like a lunatic asylum and area always finding ways to confirm their clichés.)4. What did I expect and how are things different? 5. How do I feel? Happy? Sad?…