What Yours Boys Will Be Up Against

The Germans are still busy complaining about how women are paid less for the same work as men and seem oblivious to the real trend - that women will dominate the job market place in one generation and men will slip into a place below them financially speaking.

This trend has become obvious in America, where women today already are better educated than men and thus getting the better-paying jobs (and as a result having trouble finding a man who earns more than they do and whom they can respect). Here and here are a few links.

The trend will come to Germany because the school system here has the same problem as in America: It is girl-oriented and boys get bored or antsy and break out and don't end up with the good degrees.

It seems like Deutsche Telekom has recognized that the trend is happening: Recently it installed a "woman hiring quota". They sold it as kind of a broad-minded feminist thing, but in fact it was just an acknowledgment that the times are changing. The press mostly didn't pick up on it.

Nevertheless, it is coming. It is a rightful revenge for women for being underpaid all these years, but boys will be in crisis for generations to come. If you want to know what your boys are going to be up against in the years to come, check out this video:


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