It disturbs me that so many of my left-leaning friends are hoping for a Trump-impeachment which would absolve them of their duties to vote in a democracy.

It’s a little early, as the next election is in three years, but maybe it’s a good idea in this case to start now to inform all my left-leaning friends how a democracy works.

Trump will not be impeached. The only way to get him out of office in 3 years is to vote him out, and looking at the state of leftist voters today I can only assume we will have Trump for two terms.

To impeach a president you have to 1) prove him guilty of serious crimes or treason. “Collusion” or getting support from Russia is not treason and it is not illegal (the Germans also supported Trump, that too is not treason); or 2) per vote.

Impeachment is a political, not a legal process: the House has to vote with an absolute majority (50%) to impeach, then the Senate has to vote with 2/3rd majority to impeach. That would mean somewhere between 30 and 40 Republicans would have to stab their own party in the back and vote alongside the Democrats. Then go home and explain to their voters why they did it and hope they will reelect them anyway. Impeachment is not going to happen.

A lot of leftists don’t seem to understand the American democratic system. In order to win the White House, a candidate needs the absolute majority (51%) of the electoral votes. It’s not enough to hate Trump, you have actually go out and vote for the other candidate.

What happened in the last election – and I saw it happen with specific left-leaning friends of mine – is that leftists in the months prior to the election used their Facebook accounts to spread rumors about Clinton – charging her with being in bed with Wall Street, to being a warmonger, to being a crook, etc.

All these rumors were right out of the Republican handbook – really, each and every one of them. A lot of my leftist friends spent months spreading Republican rumors about Clinton.

When the election came, they went one step further: They invented reasons not to vote for Clinton or not to vote at all. They voted for Jill Stein and other third parties – a “never-Trump” conservative friend voted for Evan Whatshisface – and another friend of ours spread a video of George Carlin urging everyone not to go out and vote at all.

They are the ones – leftists – who handed the election to Trump.

If you are serious about not wanting Trump for two terms, you have to start doing real persuasion now to get your friends – not just evil dumb conservatives, but self-proclaimed leftists – to start supporting the left, no matter who the candidate is.

They have to state clearly on Facebook and in private that they want that candidate and want their friends to vote for him/her too. They have to deny rumors spread by the Republicans and actively and vociferously support their candidate. They have to make it clear to their friends that it is not acceptable to stay home or to vote for a third party.

Leftists have a serious problem understanding what democracy is – it is actually math. Votes are counted. If you want to help defeat Trump in 2020, it’s not enough to voice your outrage, you have to convince your friends to actually vote for the opposing candidate.


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